Your Home, My Expertise... Both Precious


I met Vessie in 2007 when we sold our house in North Vancouver, and were looking for a townhouse in the same area. Even though we were happy that we sold the house, we didn't like the personality and the professional approach of the real estate agent who helped us to sell the house. We decided to look for a townhouse by ourselves. I found one, and the listing agent was Vessie. We clicked the first minute we started to talk. Although we didn't buy Vessie's townhouse, she helped us to buy another/better one. Last year, we decided to make fundamental changes to our personal and business lives, and we chose Vessie again.

She helped us to sell our restaurant within a month (yes, it is unbelievable, but she did) and for a price we didn't hope for!!! Few weeks later, she sold our townhouse and helped us with the purchase of our new house. She spent enormous time on us, and was willing to travel to Kelowna when we thought we would buy a property there. Every time I called her, she was there for us, and my request was met within few minutes. I like people who are action oriented, who do things right away, and Vessie is that type of person. But this is not enough. Vessie is not only your real estate agent; she becomes your counsellor as well. She is very good at Feng Shui, and her positive thinking is enormously healing. Thank you very much Vessie!

- Sonia & Miroslav Fabian - Maple Ridge

"Vessie, you are truly one in a million. We have bought and sold properties in a few countries and without a doubt you are the most professional, effective and dynamic Realtor we have ever worked with. You made our trans-Atlantic purchase as painless as possible. Every property you showed us was worthwhile and within the parameters of what we were looking for. We have recommended you to every South African investor we know looking to buy in Vancouver. You are the BEST. If they had a global award for Best Realtor in the world you would win it.

"PS... We received your gorgeous folder/file yesterday. Thank you so much! Again, we were both saying not only how professional you are, but how your extra special 'Vessie's touch' is incomparable. You really know how to take care of your clients. You are the ONLY Realtor we would like to deal with ever again!"

- Jacqui & Jeremy Mansfield - South Africa

We just feel so lucky that we had Vessie on our side to help us buying a house, and that everything worked out so perfectly. This is a tough market to buy a house in Vancouver these days and during our journey in finding one we had so many bumps on the road. We had disappointing experience with a couple of realtors in the past and we were a bit reserved on the expectations. And when things began to look grim and like we may not be able to have a house we so wanted, Vessie went above and beyond the call of duty

From the very beginning, we didn't feel like she was just our realtor - we honestly felt, and still feel, like she is our family friend Her expert advice and calm negotiating got us our house in an expected bidding war for far less than the rest of the other offers, and we're not sure that would have happened with another realtor going to bat for us.

We can't say enough about the attentiveness, warmth and professionalism Vessie brought to this process and how truly amazing of a realtor she is. A true gem! Thanks to her, we have our new home in great neighborhood, and we can't wait to move in and start the next chapter of our lives

Thank you for everything, Vessie!

- Georgi & Krassimira - Port Coquitlam

You have done what we have asked you to do for us, and that was find us a home in Vancouver, so we get our family together again. You couldn't have done it with more patience,grace,friendliness and professional expertise. Your impeccable sense of timing and performance has got our full attention and we are looking forward to be collaborating with you on many other projects.

The whole (some say stressful) experience of selling and buying a home (never mind in two different provinces) was a briese and totally laid back, almost casual, thanks to your reassuring sense of calm,and professionalism com bind together. TOTALLY WINNING COMBINATION. VESSIE YOU ROCK! and we love you! We knew we were in good hand from the very beginning.Now we know why. We wish you the best

- Greenlaw Family - Toronto

The sales strategy that you presented was clear, made sense to us, and was effective. While you were able to achieve a very competitive sales price, you also did an excellent job matching the buyer as close as possible. Our expectations were more than met! 

- Neal & Janelle Erickson - West Vancouver

Without Vessie's help we would likely still be looking! She is an incredibly patient and professional woman who genuinely cares about her clients. We instantly liked her friendly, professional manner. Vessie made the process painless and enjoyable. She kept us updated with every single detail through out the whole home buying process. Her high level of service, communication skills and competence are remarkable. She is our Realtor for good!

- J. Southam & B. McRoberts - North Vancouver

We were fairly new to the Vancouver area and thus unfamiliar with the market. Vessie helped us understand how things worked here and quickly provided us with many options. She understood what we were looking for and helped us find the house that matches perfectly our needs. We absolutely love our home!

- M. Smith & M. Ladyman - North Vancouver

Particularly, you recognised the futility of 'chasing' purchasers by completing expensive renovations that might ultimately lead to us making a net loss on the transaction. Your involvement through the 'house cleaning' process was necessarily focussed and your loan of various items helped dress the house and make it truly welcoming. Rest assured we're smiling!

- John & Susie Hendry - North Vancouver

You showed us that you truly cared about us and our personal situation. Your level of communication was above and beyond what we thought a realtor normally does. Your honesty, integrity and high moral ethics are impressive. You did what said you will do- sold our home in a week. We truly believe you are one of a kind, particularly in the Real Estate business!

- V. & S. Drew - North Vancouver

As first time homebuyers we were unsure of what we were looking for and somewhat uneducated. Vessie was very patient as well very informative. She is cheerful, honest and pleasure to work with. She made the experience wonderful and we would be happy to call her again in the future.

- M. Leonard & N. Bainbridge - Port Coquitlam

Vessie has been our realtor for the past six years and we call her the "Tiger". There is no one else that can do the job like she can. She is a superb negotiator - we never paid asking price and always get asking or over asking. There is only one person that we trust with our real estate needs. And that's Vessie Chela!

- Deana Frank & Tracy Bennet - White Rock

Your professional attitude and patience through the buying process of our first home was amazing. We liked your honesty and realistic view of what we could buy. In turn, this gave us the insight of what was to be expected from different properties and areas. We liked that you listened to us and understood our needs. Thank you very much for your hard work, Vessie! It was worthy - we love our first home!

- M. Newmeyer & S. Broad - Burnaby

You are simply the best! Your super communication skills are one of your skills that makes you stand out. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference you made in my life by selling my old home. 

- Ann Dashwood-Jones - West Vancouver

Her professionalism and personable demeanor made us comfortable in choosing her as our realtor.  All her helpful hints made sense and I am sure was instrumental in selling so quickly (one week). She is an excellent negotiator and has her clients best interest in mind. If anyone wants to sell their homes quickly and with little stress, pain or second thoughts Vessie Chela is the realtor to choose. 

- Dan & Sandy McQuade - Vancouver

Dear Vessie,

I would like to try to express my utmost gratitude to you for all your hard work, finding my first home! I hope you know how much I do appreciate what you have done for me. All your time and efforts was not unnoticed.

You had the perfect balance of letting me make my own opinions/decisions while also provided guidance as needed. You fought for me through the due diligence, whoa you are thorough! On top of all the documents you sought clarity on all unclear items in the minutes and you got your responses eventually. And I can't believe that last minute you fought for me again and got the price down $4000 even after we had accepted the offer and settled on the price. I'm writing this, because I want to remember my first experience and the emotions associated with it and the extreme effort you put into this. I can see that you are one of a kind, and I think you are the best person I could have chosen as my Realtor. You are top notch negotiator and - I feel sorry for the Realtors on the opposite site of you, because I would not like to be up against you in a negotiation. My first home buying experience was awesome and I wouldn't have done anything differently, because I learned so much. And that's all that is all thanks to you. Thank you so much!


- Kelsey Martens - Vancouver

Awesome experience! You did what you said you would do -you sold our home while we are on vacation without hassle and inconvenience. The information and the statistics, along with your guidance and professional advice helped us sell our home at the asking price in a matter of days. Knowing what other homes sold for and the psychology of the "right" price was very helpful.

- D. & W. Morrow - North Vancouver

When we decided to sell our home, we interviewed several agents. We chose another company because the Relator said that he will charge us less commission and will sell our home for more money. It turned out that he said this just to get the listing. Our home didn't sell and the Realtor simply vanished. We heard from our friend and colleague that you are straight forward, honest and have the integrity to do what you say you would do.

You sold our North Vancouver home within 2 weeks and helped us move to Squamish, finding us a great home. We can't thank you enough for your efficiency, diligence and care. We felt your passion to help and you cared about our needs. We are so pleased to know you.Our friends will be calling you soon.

- Sue & Ryan Cole - Squamish

Vessie helped us find our dream home. Even though our time in Vancouver was short, she was able to find us a home that fit our family's needs. She promised she will find us a home in two weeks and she did it! Vessie's strong work ethic and professionalism coupled with her warm and approachable mannerism has really made an impression on us. She made the whole process look so effortless - everything was arranged as planned. We are happy to say that we did not only find a realtor but have made a friend.

- Marc and Terry Cadrin - Zambia

Vessie had done her homework and showed excellent understanding of our home's market niche. She matched it with a strategy that gave the best possible exposure to the merits of our offering while making the best possible use of our time, swiftly creating accurate and persuasive communication pieces in all appropriate media. We knew we had a seasoned professional on our side when Vessie's sense of humour and thoughtful check-ins relieved the stress of listing and leaving a long-time home. She truly was able to bring a smile to our faces throughout the process-a brand promise kept.

- C. Kerr - Vancouver

We have had a great experience with Vessie Chela our real estate agent who helped us purchase our dream apartment. My husband and I were very impressed by Vessie's professionalism, she was always on time, returning phone calls promptly, advising and guiding us. She has delivered more than she promissed!

- Galina & Todor Penkov

We were introduced to Vessie by a friend, who she helped with a condominium purchase in Burnaby. My friend was extremely satisfied with all the interaction and support right from the first meeting to moving in to their new place. Our (my family including parents) experience with Vessie, was no different and now that we have moved in to our new place, I only have words of appreciation and thanks for her.

We purchased a new condominium in New Westminster (BC) back in October 2014. We took our time to make a decision, and all this while Vessie kept scheduling viewings for places, without any signs of frustration ever. In one instance, we were across the table with the developer to sign contract, but the deal fell out for some reason and Vessie was happy to ask us to move out of deal and advised us of our best interests. We are glad we listened to her. When we finally made up our mind for purchasing a condominium in this new building in New Westminster (by Onni), Vessie helped negotiate the overall price by about CAD 20,000. And then another CAD 1,000 towards closing fee owing to developer, that was hidden deep somewhere in the contract, we won’t have picked that up otherwise. Such negotiations are unheard of, when dealing with developers for the new properties, they typically do not negotiate (that was our experience going to different developers).

Best thing dealing with Vessie was, that there was never a pressure. Never did we see a frown if we turned down her suggestion, instead a smile and assurance that she will find something better. As professional as she is, we actually bonded with her on personal level too. I, along with my family thank Vessie for all the support and highly recommend her for realtor services. We wish her all the luck for all her endeavors and we are more than happy to recommend her to our friends. Thank you Vessie!

- Gaurav & Deepti Sharma - New Westminster

It comes soo naturally, no hesitation and no doubt to recommend you to everyone I know.  You are the best Realtor I know in the entire world and you are one of a kind...Thank you!

- Michele Hicks - South Africa

Vessie, I cannot thank you enough for willingly partnering with me on a journey of discovery, learning, and closure to more than just a business deal. You far surpassed my expectations, and in the process, you gained my admiration and my friendship. I thank you. Your superior skills as an expert realtor, finely tuned over the years, kicked in the moment we decided to work together. You recognized my nerves as a first-time home buyer, and you knew to cross the finish line, we would be jogging, not sprinting, at my pace. Undeterred, you started to chip away at my walls to gain my confidence. Patiently, you listened to my needs and passed on prospects that closely matched what I was looking for. Together we explored. You answered every question I threw at you (and there were many), you taught me what to look for, what to pass up, and you guided me when I faltered. And when the finish line was within sight, you encouraged me to abandon fear and to make a run for it. And the prize at the end of a marathon business and personal journey was a sweet home that matched perfectly everything on our initial list. We had circled back.

Your singular devotion to help me in so many other areas is testament to your ability not just as a realtor to hunt for and close the best possible deal, but as someone who cares deeply for the needs of her client and ultimately a friend. The sweetest prize.

Vessie, you are a fantastic, passionate realtor who expertly guides her clients, novice or seasoned, down the realty path in a flawless, professional manner so that everything is transparent and clear to them from the get-go. From your professional demeanor to your superior organizational skills to your killer closing deals, you are a realtor I can unquestionably recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell. There is no question you will be in my corner again when the time comes for me to play the property game. I know there is another smokin' deal to be had because of how you do it and the prize you deliver. You are by far and away a thoroughly expert professional who knows her industry inside out and can effortlessly guide her clients to making all the right decisions and to clinching their dream home.

Take a bow Vessie. You positively deserve accolades and my deepest thanks.You got me to finish line in so many ways, with a smile - your trademark signature.

I look forward to celebrating with you over a glass of champagne.


- Elena Kyriacou - North Vancouver